Year Two at home

Ideas for supporting your Year 2 child at home

  • Read everyday
  • Write book reviews for the books you finish
  • Keep a diary
  • Practise 2, 5 and 10 times tables
  • Measure objects around your home and record the lengths
  • Go on a 3D shape hunt, write the names of all the shapes you find, then make a table and record the number of faces, edges and vertices for each object.
English Reading focus
  • Share stories:
    • talk about the story together
    • what did you enjoy about the book?
    • what would you change?
    • if you could change the ending how would you change it?
  • Write a book review.
  • Read a chapter book to your child. Talk about any unfamiliar words. Can you find those words in a dictionary?
Learning At Home
Weekly maths activities

Please click on the links below to view the maths work set by Mrs Young & Mrs Short.

w/c 20/04/2020 – Fractions

w/c 27/04/2020 – Money

w/c 04/05/2020 – Addition

w/c 11/05/2020 – Subtraction

w/c 18/05/2020 – Division

Downloadable resources to support home learning