Year Five at home

Ideas for supporting your Year 5 child at home

  • Read lots of different types of texts and summarise them
  • Practise Y5/6 spelling words
  • Recap specific grammatical terminology
  • Practise your timetables to 12
  • Practise division of numbers linked to the 12 times table
  • If writing a diary, write the time in both 24 our time and analogue time
English Reading focus
  • Share stories:
    • talk about the story together
    • what did you enjoy about the book?
    • what would you change?
    • -if you could be a character in a book which one would it be and why?
    • if you could change the ending how would you change it?
  • Write a book review.
  • Use a dictionary to explore new vocabulary. Is there a different word that could be used without changing the meaning? (The large tree … The giant tree…)
Learning At Home
Weekly maths activities

Please click on the links below to view the maths work set by Miss Cleaver.

w/c 20/04/2020 – Place value

w/c 27/04/2020 – Odd and even numbers

w/c 04/05/2020 – Multiplication

w/c 11/05/2020 – Angles

w/c 18/05/2020 – Equivalent fractions

Downloadable resources to support home learning