Support for remote learning

Throughout the school day, you child will be assigned work on TEAMs  to complete. This will comprise of at least an English task, a maths task and an afternoon activity.

Should they complete their work and still want to do some more – we have compiled some links and ideas for you to look at. We will endeavour to keep updating this page as we discover new websites, activities and ideas.

Have fun!

16 Everyday Activities that count as learning

How many of these can you tick off whilst learning at home? It would be great to see some pictures of you completing this challenge!

BBC Lockdown Learning

Click on the link above to visit the BBC’s lockdown learning page. They have pages of lessons full of videos, quizzes and practice activities to help with home learning.

The Oak National Academy’s Virtual School Library

Click on the link above to access free reading and writing activities from your favourite childrens’ authors from the National Literacy Trust.

Norfolk Museums Online

Click on the link above to visit Norfolk’s fabulous museums from the comfort of your home! There are tours, live events, activities to complete and virtual exhibitions.

The link above will take you to Blue Peter’s new YouTube channel. You will need to subscribe (which is totally free) and then you can access all their brilliant videos.

Norfolk Music Hub

Click on the link above to sign up for weekly online music sessions. Attend one of the sessions and get a certificate!

Activities To Do