Whole School project – Superheroes

We have devised our next whole school project based on the topic, ‘Superheroes‘. All the teachers have contributed ideas that pupils can complete at home – either on their own or alongside a sibling, if they have one. The work can be done at their own level and each activity relates to space in some way. This overview can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate box in the download section.

We are trying to provide some more structure to our provision. We are now providing daily maths and English lessons. We therefore have made the topic much more foundation subject centred. It is our hope that children complete one of the activities per afternoon or at least work on an activity every afternoon.


Home learning

As a school, we will continue to:

  • Continue to contact every family weekly, to maintain support. This will be through a mixture of emails and phone calls.
  • Maintain class email addresses so that families have direct contact with their class teachers.
  • Ask that each child submits one piece of writing per week via the class emails. These pieces will be read by the class teacher and feedback will be given.
  • Provide daily English and maths lessons. We have tried to devise activities that do not require a lot of printing and are constantly reviewing our practice to make this possible. Most of our activities can be viewed on the screen and work written in exercise books. Should you require a new exercise book, please do not hesitate to contact the school office and we can arrange for one to be collected.
Digital 5 A Day

Online safety

One major side-effect of the current situation that we find ourselves in, is that children are spending much more time online. Whilst this provides many many useful benefits, there are also concerns to have.

Keeping Kids Safe Online – O2 and the NSPCC

O2 and the NSPCC have teamed up to create – ‘Keeping kids safe online: Bringing together O2’s tech know-how and the NSPCC’s expertise in protecting children’.

Their helpline is 0808 800 5002.

The Children’s Commissioner – Digital 5 a Day

This website provides ‘easy to follow, practical steps for children and parents to achieve a healthy and balanced digital diet’.

Downloadable resources to support home learning


    Share your wonderful work with us!

    We are all really enjoying the wonderful work that you have been doing at home. Please continue to send pictures to:

    and we will post them in our Facebook Home Learning photo album for everyone to see!

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