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We aim to promote the whole child at St Mary’s. This means we want our children to experience a broad range of activities and opportunities. Every child will have the opportunity to take part in a number of visits and additional activities throughout the school year. 


Severe weather

We make every effort to remain open in bad weather. However, if we do decide not to open, then the school’s name will be added to the list read out on Radio Norfolk (95.1fm) and Radio Broadland (102.4fm). Please note that our name will be broadcast as Beetley, St. Mary’s.


School closure information can also be found on the Education website.

If the school closes early on any day, we will endeavour to advise parents/carers but in any event, staff will remain behind until every child is safely collected.


Contact Numbers and details

Please ensure the School Office has an up to date note of your telephone numbers, addresses and emergency contact names and numbers. An e-mail is very useful for newsletters.


Absence Procedure

If any child is absent from school for whatever reason, then we must be informed, either by telephone, in person or in writing, by 9am on the first day of absence. If, at this time, it is known that a child will be absent for a specified number of days, then it is sufficient for you to advise us of this on the first day of absence. (If your child has been vomiting or had diarrhoea 48 hours must elapse since the last bout before returning to school.) Alternatively, we must be informed by 9am on each and every day of the absence. If we have not heard from you by 9am, then we will telephone you to check the situation. If we do not get a response from any of our contact numbers, we will try to contact you by coming to the given address for the child.



If your doctor advises you it is necessary for your child to take medicines at school, contact the School Office for a permission form. All medication must be prescribed by a doctor, labelled clearly and given to a member  of staff. Asthma inhalers also require a permission form.

Agreement to administer medicine


Please note that medicine to be given three times a day should not need to be administered at school.



Lost Property

If articles are named, we will return them to their owners. Un-named lost property is put in a lost property bin in the playground lobby. Parents are very welcome to look through this collection for lost items.

Unclaimed items are eventually disposed of.

The Governors have a sub-committee, which reviews policy on all matters concerning the health, safety and security of our children and staff.


Health Safety and Security

The school has undertaken measures to ensure we are safe from unwanted visitors. We have combination locks on both the front entrance and playground doors, and external classroom doors can only be opened from the inside.


The wearing of seat belts (lap straps) is mandatory for all children travelling in coaches.

We regularly remind children about road safety and advise them to cross the Fakenham Road with our Crossing Patrol. Please ensure that cycle helmets are worn if your child cycles to school.


Animals, including dogs, must not be brought into the school grounds without prior permission.

Parents/Carers are asked to bring to the attention of school staff and problems in relation to Health, Safety and Security.




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