Our Favourite Books Project

Whole School project – Our Favourite Books

We have devised our next whole school project based on the topic, ‘Our Favourite Books‘. All the teachers have contributed ideas that pupils can complete at home – either on their own or alongside a sibling, if they have one. The work can be done at their own level and each activity relates to the wonderful world of books in some way. This overview can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate box in the download section.

There is no formal expectation of how many of the activities children could undertake but we hope that they will choose a couple from each subject and more importantly, that they take this opportunity to read and enjoy a range of books.

The Importance of Reading

The most important skill for any child to learn at primary age is the skill of fluency in reading. If the children are able to read well, they can access information, however it is written – in books, magazines or on-line.

They will always be able to learn, even if they have missed weeks of school.

During this period of home learning, the most beneficial activity you can do with your child is reading every day.

Age-specific work

Each class has a page dedicated to providing ideas for that year group. This can be done alongside the whole school project.

Parental Queries

If there are any queries about the work set out for remote learning, then please email:


and we will try to respond as soon as we are able to.

Book W Bang

Internet Links to support reading at home

Audible – Audible have provided free access to a range of children’s books

Teaching Ideas – A range of lovely ideas linked to much loved books

Cornerstones – Cornerstones have provided free access to their Love to Read resources

Poetry Archive  –  A great website where you can listen to some of Michael Rosen’s fabulous poems

Love Reading 4 Kids – A great website if you are looking for something new to read!

Oxford Owl – Free resources for reading at home

EReading Worksheets – 62 activity ideas linked to reading

Literacy Ideas – A great website that gives you ideas to use with ANY book!

Useful resources to try at home

More Science activities – Miss Watts has been busy finding more great things to have a go at whilst home. We will post one per week and look forward to seeing pictures of you doing the investigations. Have a look in the downloads section below.

Timetables to structure your day! We were sent this and thought that it was a great resource for anyone struggling to fill the day. It has some lovely ideas for exercise and enjoying being outside.

Mindfulness Activities – We were sent the following activities which are great to ensure that children (and adults) have the chance to relax and clear their minds. Have a look in the downloads section below.

PE activities from Pav – Pav has sent us 10 activities that you can do at home! They look great fun – so have a go! Have a look in the downloads section below.

Downloadable resources to support home learning